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    Thoughts, musings, ramblings, pontifications, and suspiciously positive case studies that sell products.

  • What We Do

    We *Try* to Make Money Online

    Niche Sites

    A fun way to blow money

    We have a few niche authority sites in the portfolio - with only a couple making a profit.

    Info Marketing

    Educating with zero success

    Trying other things, like courses and whatnot. Haven't made any of them yet...

    Paid Traffic Campaigns

    Wasting money on traffic that doesn't convert

    Facebook, adwords, bing adcenter, we've lost money using most of them.

    Social Media

    Thousands of 5 second visitors

    We can get thousands of resource-hogging visitors from social media that have the attention spans of goldfish.

    Email Marketing

    Email lists full of freebie-seekers

    Thousands of emails sent to an email list full of penny-pinching people only interested in free information. No sales.


    Ignoring common sense to game an algorithm that is constantly being molded to reward common sense business practices

    We have been hit by updates, recovered, ranked for competitive terms, and been targeted by negative SEO attacks to learn how much a pain-in-the-butt (and EXPENSIVE) SEO really is.

  • Fail-Stats at a glance

    We let our lack of results speak for themselves.




    Hours Spent Watching "Funny Fails"  on Youtube


    Times we thought we heard someone say our names after staying up all night


    Mental Breakdowns


    Dead Projects

  • Our GOALS

    Too Stubborn to Quit

    Make A Living

    We don't need much

    No gas-guzzling lambo in the garage for us, we'd be happy with earning a livable income and a no-frills life... although I wouldn't mind a Tesla... or a private island....

    Multiple Income Streams

    Because we've dropped our egg baskets before

    We've both been in situations where we've lost our online income because our primary income source dried up. We would like to avoid this in the future.

    A Business That Resonates With Us

    At least somewhat interesting

    We want to run a sustainable business that doesn't take control of our lives (money isn't everything), and we want it to be interesting/intriguing.

    Be Our Own Boss

    No megalomaniac boss for us, thanks

    We want to set our own schedules, and have the freedom to choose when to work, what to work on and how to do it.

  • About Us

    So kewl, so brave.

    We've Seen It All and done everything imaginable At Least twice

    And we NEVER EVER NEVER exaggerate...

    "Number one"

    You may call me "Number One." I was born with a twinkle in my eye, and a mouse in my hand. As soon as I could sit, I made my first million joining a paid-to-read email program. Notice how I said, "joining," because I didn't even have to read the emails, all I did was join.


    From there, I made my second million joining a paypal pyramid scheme where I was told if I sent $5 to some lady named Roberta in Georgia that somehow in the future thousands of other people I don't know would send me $5. Needless to say, it made me filthy rich.


    From there I joined countless more paid-to-click, paid-to-read, paid-to-take-surveys, paid-to-join, paid-to-sign-up, paid-to-post websites that proceeded to send me dump truck loads of cash every single month.


    It was then I decided I needed to amp things up a notch by making websites on free website builders like talkspot.com and then do what the professionals do and send millions of visitors daily by joining traffic exchange websites. On these traffic exchanges you submit your site and then browse other member's sites so that they in turn will look at yours. It worked like gangbusters. It turns out everyone on traffic exchanges has money falling out of their pockets and is looking for ANY reason to spend it.


    With all this money I was making, I decided to give buying traffic a go, so I made the best decision of my life and joined Google Adwords. I discovered just how easy it was to throw up an ad for an affiliate product and launch an affordable, profitable campaign.


    It was then I decided I needed to join the big boys and make some real .com websites of my own. One day later, after perfecting HTML, coding, SEO, web design, and becoming a master of wordpress in a matter of minutes, I had around 30 websites up and running. I had a handful of blogs and many eBay affiliate sites that used a kick-butt phpBay plugin to pull in eBay auctions.


    All the best Internet marketing overlords at that time were doing article marketing, but not just any article marketing, they were doing MASS article marketing because more is ALWAYS better. You would take an incoherent, lifeless article, and with spinning software, you would transform it into something worthy of a Pulitzer prize. You would then use article submission software and join article networks to submit your gem to hundreds of websites, and then you'd repeat again and again and again. And, of course you would use exact match keyword anchor text every time.


    I seized top rankings using this approach, but tyrannical Google eventually wised up and unleashed Panda and Penguin updates, crushing my websites like these balls in a hydraulic press.


    Fast forward a few more years of purchased courses, software, memberships, all the priceless groundbreaking make-money-online guides and products my favorite Internet Marketers released, and I've experienced many more lavish successes.


    I was even able to fire my boss, buy his company, and then fire him.


    The best part about making money online is that I can work in my pajamas. Hell, I get to wear my stinky pajamas for days on end! I even get to travel the world and take my work with me! I absolutely love working on vacation, it really helps me relax.


    I've enjoyed so much easy success that I've retired 3 times already.


    Now, lucky for you, I'm coming back out of retirement so I can teach the poor disillusioned suckers out there how to make money online, purely out of the kindness of my heart.


    I want to millions all over the world make money online, regardless of their ability to read, write, or be an actual human being.

    "Number two"

    You may call me "Number Two." My story starts on eBay. It came natural to me, and through my own instinct with zero guidance, I began sniping misspelled, lazily done auctions with multiple items, and picking them off for an easy flip - relisting each item individually, and bringing in sometimes as much as $200 bucks in one simple flip. It was addicting, and fun, but finding these gems became time consuming and increasingly difficult, as more people caught on to the ease of the flip.

    Eventually I tried my hand at selling information on ebay. It was a DIY nose strips guide, because I understood the need for wanting to breathe better, more cheaply, as I breathe through only one nostril, all thanks to a mishap collision with a doorknob when I was skating around in my socks on the linoleum floor. At night I think it’s fun to breathe through two nostrils, and others did too.

    Then came the threats. Apparently, I had peeved off the inventor of Breathe Rights, or maybe that's what my competition wanted me to believe - and was threatened legal action should I continue selling my 3 page, .99 cent guide. Having no experience with this sort of thing, I decided it was time to find something else.

    Around this time, Adwords was rolling out, and it had everyone excited. So I did what anyone looking for shiny objects would do - I chased it. It did me well, but as many remember, raising cpc’s eventually chased away dabblers like myself and eventually, the gig was up.

    This brought me to the biggest forum at the time; Digitalpoint, where it seemed people were making more money with websites, with less work and hassles than ppc and ebay. Websites made sense. Why hassle with customers and trips to the post office when you could sell to maintenance free, faceless people.

    So, in the summer of 2007, I gave it a shot. Like many, my first blog was built on blogspot, around a passion of mine, and consisted of adsense and bleeding edge SEO - both of which completely new and foreign to me. It was not as easily grasped as ebay was. There were many, many layers to it… which made it both frustrating and an interesting challenge.

    Bleeding edge SEO back then was a powerful combination of a) Keyword in the title, and b) keyword top of article. It was powerful stuff.

    In this time I’d also smash out some squidoos, and dabble in affiliate marketing by promoting scripts I had zero understanding of, in ways that would make conventional marketers cringe. While many would tell you that targeting keywords where people are searching for free downloads wouldn’t work - it did for me. I had an easy $200/month from it, because everyone thought otherwise.

    College happened somewhere during this. That shit sucked.

    Then, I found wordpress, and took the next logical step moving from blogspot blog to wordpress.

    Only this time, I started each article like a normal human being instead of relying on cheap tactics.

    It was with that site I really pushed my seo game further, securing and ranking #1 for big brand related keywords that didn’t make sense for me to rank for, and would otherwise be impossible to rank for today. Afterall, those positions should probably go to the brands themselves, right? Not optimistic college kids looking for a easy payday.

    Then, a one-two punch came across my brow. First, the recession hit, and the niche I was in took a hard right-cross hit. Then google cleaned up house and decided I needed to exit the ring all-together, and hit my sites with a hard, cold robotic uppercut.

    After the collapse of my dreams, I realized how foolish it was to have all my eggs in one basket. Having many baskets was all anyone was talking about around this time.

    It made sense. Why focus on one site when you could diversify and have multiple income sources - doesn’t that sound amazing! Instead of casting out one net I could cast out hundreds - nay, THOUSANDS - effectively improving my chances of catching more money.

    So, leaving the dangers of focus behind, I divided my effort across a thousand different areas, and ventured into the world of niche sites. But not just any regular kind of niche site - thin sites, and even autoblogs - because niche sites took a lot of work, and no one likes work.

    But then, as you can probably guess, that tanked too, just when I had started to find my own independence.

    Gone, gone, went my niche site empire dreams.

    I picked up a client, thinking maybe that was a good idea. It ended up being a 4 year gig from hell, ran by men hating, power hungry femenazis. One even claimed the entire project as her doing, and I’d get emails to the site about how great a job she did.

    Fuck you, Amanda.

    This is when I really, absolutely, truly, stopped giving a shit.

    And so, I launched a project that represented this. It was my last ditch effort. My project was a single product blog, done whitehat, the good and proper way - my way. I had taken everything I had learned from my experience and put it into one site, done exactly how I thought a website should be done.

    The hilarious thing is I didn’t care that 4 articles brought in more traffic daily than any other site I’d launched. I didn’t care when that grew to 1k visitors a day. I didn’t care to even monetize it.

    The day I monetized it, was the day my other projects finally got put down by one vengeful and terrifying google animal - panda. This algorithm update put the final nail on the coffin, effectively putting to death a time where seo was won primarily with links.

    Coincidentally I made money that day, and kicked myself for not trusting my gut intuition and experience sooner. This project alone kept me afloat for 5 years - which is pretty good considering it was my first true whitehat project.

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned though, it’s that things change quickly online, and SEO is certainly not forever, no matter how whitehat you get. Competition came in and cleaned house, putting my whitehat project through the ringer with one hell of a relentless negative seo campaign.

    From blackhat to whitehat; I’ve tried it all. The journey continues, with me currently hatless, because you can do everything right and still get a swift kick in the pants by a cold, robotic leg.

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