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75000 Spam Links vs Niche Site

Day 6 of 1095

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Everyone is trying to make a buck. Some of us do this by creating value online, with helpful content that improves peoples lives.

The rest? They are out for themselves.

Some are from truly bad places, and are desperate to change their circumstances. Whatever it takes, you know?

But, should you really feel bad, when most are using their circumstances as a reason to do whatever it takes to make a buck; at the expense of others?

It has a name.



And it's been destroying lives since the beginning.

Does anyone know how to stop it? Can anyone stop it? I don't know, and I don't know if anyone knows.

Online, self entitlement manifests itself in many ways. All of which you can read about on blackhatworld, a forum that's a breeding ground for it.

On a somewhat related note: did you know criminals have higher concentrations of androgen? This could be responsible for driving competitive behavior past morality, at someone else's expense.

I think morality is how you define Blackhat.

Blackhat has been increasingly used to describe more online marketing strategies than it really should. Some consider genuine business strategies like guest posting, blog commenting, or registering expired web2.0's as Blackhat.

But they aren't when they are done correctly. Many of those strategies are similar to legitimate offline business marketing activities that help millions of businesses gain a competitive edge without ruining lives.

If a competitor drops a popular product offering, and you have the chance to grow your business by offering it, would you?

If a storefront becomes available that previously got a lot of free foot traffic, would you pass it up?

If a popular street billboard becomes available for free, would you pass that chance to advertise and increase your brands exposure?

All of these have ties to opportunities online that are too often labeled as Blackhat.

These should instead be viewed as the bootstrapping opportunities they are.

Building 75,000 spam-links from sites loaded with auto-generated content to a competitors site? That not only litters the web with garbage and wastes electricity in MANY ways; it also ruins someones hard work by falsely representing it's popularity.

What real-world business strategy compares to this?

An example would be table-reservation company for restaurants making fake bookings through a competitors platform.

Those 75000 spam links are sort of like fake bookings, in that they create the false appearance of popularity, and make google (the restaurant owner) doubt my booking company (my niche site).

Some people call it war. Others a game.

I call it fraud, deception.

What do you call it?

In the next update, I pop the question: are niche sites a business?

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