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How To Get $271.56 Worth Of Contextual Backlinks Each Month For $10/month Using Link Authority

Because I'm assuming you are also poor

Buying links for SEO purposes gets to be expensive. For those of us with a small budget, it's necessary to do the work ourselves to save money. Actually, I mean it's necessary to do the work ourselves because we don't have the money.

Yeah, that's more accurate.

Yes, you can get 50k links on fiverr for $5, but they won't be strong enough to help. It's better now to get a handful of stronger links than hundreds of weaker ones.

If you need decent quality links that you can use to power up your tier 1 links, or use for parasite seo, then here's an affordable way to get $271.56 worth of backlinks every month for just $10 a month. The only catch is that it will cost you around $65 the first month to set it up. If you don't have $65, maybe you could be like these hilarious people and start a gofundme?

And, before you stop reading and click the back button because there aren't any pictures in this post, I've carefully selected and placed a picture below, just to keep you interested.

It's a banana

The Steps

  1. Sign up for Link Authority
  2. Buy five PA 10+ DA 10+ domains
  3. Install wordpress and set up the websites
  4. Add the websites to Link Authority (LA)
  5. Write and submit articles to LA for cheap contextual links

Create An Account On Link Authority

This is the easiest step. Head over to Link Authority and sign up.

If you don't know what LA is, read this review. If you are far too busy to read and have more important stuff to do like check if anyone liked your dog meme on facebook, then it's basically a network of blogs that you can post your articles on if you add your own blogs to the network.

Don't worry, I'll tell you how to add your blogs to LA below.

The reason you add blogs to their network is so that you can earn submission quota. You can then use your quota to publish your articles (containing your link) on a blog in their network.

Find And Buy Five PA 10+ DA 10+ Expired Domains

In order to get a website added to LA, the domain has to have a DA and PA of 10+. The higher the DA, the more submission quota you'll earn.

To do this the cheapest way possible, look for expired domains that still have enough links pointing to them that they have a DA and PA of 10+.

Go to and browse the expired domains.

I prefer .com, .org or .net. I also avoid pharmacy, adult, or trademark infringing domains. It's also a good idea to use some kind of backlink checker tool to see what kind of backlinks the domain has before you buy it. Skip over the domains with millions or thousands of links, they will be duds.

When you find one, first check if it's still available at a domain registrar like NameCheap, and then use Moz to check the domain's DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority).

Buy five and then continue.

Set Up Your Websites

You will need a host at this point. SEO Host will work for this. The shared hosting plan with 5 c class IPs is what you'll want.

LA will only accept a domain if it is hosted on a different IP than all the others, which is why you want the 5 c class IP plan.

After you secure hosting, install wordpress on each one, and set them up to make them look legit.

Submit Your Websites To Link Authority

In the members area, go to "My Sites" and then add your sites there.

You will need to add the login and password for each one, so if you are concerned about that, create a user in wordpress and give that user editor rights, and then give that account's login information to LA to use.

Your sites will need to be approved before you can earn submission quota.

Submit Your Articles For Easy Contextual Backlinks

Once your wordpress blogs are approved, you will earn a quota that is dependent on the DA and PA of your blogs. I currently have a submission quota of 13/day coming from the 5 blogs I've added. This means I could have 13 of my articles published every day if I was able to write that much... which I can't....

The articles can't be spun, have to be at least 200 words, and they have to read well and pass a review. It's not hard to get articles accepted, but I've had some get rejected because of grammar errors. You can fix the errors and resubmit - no problem at all.

Link Authority = Cheap Source of Decent Backlinks

I don't think it's suited for tier 1 links to a long-term money site, because the quality of the links aren't high enough. However, LA is simple to use and based on my current results, the links have been helpful for improving the rankings of parasites, and for boosting tier 1 links.

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