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Creating Content Checklists For a Niche Site Multi-Net

Day 2 of 1095

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Content is everything, and because so it's become one of my biggest focuses with my Multi-Networks.

The strategy I use goes like this: create a list of 10 types of content I create for my sites, and then batch content creation across all sites that are using the same types of content.

For example, this means that on days where I intend to create Listicles, I pick a handful of sites that use that content type, batching them together, and create list posts for them at the same time. I don't know if this is quite clear, but for now this is the best way I can explain it. I'm sure later on I'll write a more detailed summary of how I go about doing it, but the point I'm trying to make right now, is that I'll be batching content types for my sites, and finishing a handful of content at a time.

I've tried doing the old tried and true 1 post at a time style when working on a single site, but the problem with this is it doesn't push the needle on my niche portfolio as a whole.

Which is what I need -growth across an entire portfolio, and not just corners of it.

So, to continue with an example, I made a list of popular sources I frequently use to make Listicles from:

  • ebay
  • imgur
  • tumblr
  • tapatalk
  • blogspot
  • wordpress
  • deviantart
  • reddit
  • youtube
  • facebook
  • twitter
  • instagram
  • ...and much more!
I made a list like this because I want it to be as simple and resistant-free as can be, to create awesome Listicles. All of my sources will be put into a process list on creating epic Listicles.
The process list will be as concise yet complete, detailing everything I need to create this type of content for my sites. Every time I need to create a list post, rather than running around the open web in a frenzy, I'll be able to calmly take action knowing I am following all the necessary steps to creating an awesome, user friendly piece of content... for all my sites.

And when the dust settles and I've reached my Niche site goal, I'll have a pretty awesome suite of assets I can sell with my business to the next owner.


Because ultimately that's the end game, to sell it all and finally collect a paycheck, which I will talk more about in tomorrows update on...


...niche site goals!

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