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Design Issues Blast Bounce Rates Sky High

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It's 2018 and people of the internet have spoken. They unanimously decided they will not tolerate design issues anymore. They loudly proclaim...

If your site has a single design flaw we will quickly leave and never come back. - The Internet

This may sound like an exaggeration, but this stems from my own experience across my niche sites, and the message delivered is loud and clear: design flaws equal high bounce rates.

When I say design flaws, I mean anything that visually disrupts the flow of the page.

Design flaws that increase bounce rate:

  • Favicons that stop rendering
  • Broken images
  • Broken embeds of any kind (youtube, twitter, facebook, etc)
  • Images that don't load fast enough

I include the last one because images add to the design of the page, and when they don't load fast enough it disrupts visual flow.

These issues were mentioned in a past update, but now it's become loud and clear that visitors absolutely do not tolerate design flaws.

It was the simple design flaw of a broken favicon, that displayed the code of the icon rather than the quotation mark it was supposed to display that drove this message home. That simple flaw sent the pages bounce rate straight to 100%.

It's the same story with broken images and embeds, and everything else in the list above. They all have disastrous effect on bounce rates these days. And I think it's a trend that is here to stay.
People are sensitive to these things, and for what reason? I can't say, but that's probably because I drink too much chamomile tea and go on long walks through woods.

Whatever the reason, design flaws must be promptly fixed, especially where conversion is a priority.

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