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Embracing the Content Grind

Day 4 of 1095

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I spent the better part of the day dusting off a niche site I hadn't published content on in over a year. It's in dire need of content, and so I made it first in line to receive it.

In this stage of the journey, all of my sites content will be written by me, which takes up most of my time. I initially planned on belting out 4 articles a day, but since reduced it to 2 a week because 4 is proving to be too much. With 2 a week I'll at least be able to focus on quality.

When I have more of a budget I'll go back to outsourcing, which will help me break through this content bottleneck, but for now it has to be this way.

Each niche has its own quirks. The site I wrote for today often lands me on youtube, where a large majority of the niche's community hangs out.

So, no post is complete without a strong video embed. Fans of this niche expect to see videos, which forces me to find it among the noisy, dank basement that is youtube.

I've found the benefits of embedding videos in content to be:

  1. longer time on page, which increases time on site
  2.  reduced bounce rate on page, which lowers bounce rate on site
These are incredibly important metrics in indicating a sites usability and value, and embedding videos is a simple way to improve them.

While I hate the culture that exists on youtube, this is something I force myself to do, because I'm banking on that in 3 years when my niche site goals are met - I'll be glad I did.

This is what it means to me to embrace the content grind.

Next up is the importance of not making things harder than they need to be.

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