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Fail-Adventures In Starting A Fiverr Gig

You'll do WHAT for $5?!

"I'll disembowel myself on the moon for $5"

I have to tell you, that nothing feels quite as soul crushing as trying to start a fiverr gig.

At the time, I was brainstorming ways I could make extra money online, and I kept seeing people talking about fiverr and how they were making $x,xxx a month with a few simple gigs.

So I decided to try it out myself. I brainstormed up some ideas of things I could do. Mainly they were SEO or Internet marketing related. And then, I looked at the competition.

DAMN. They needed money more than I did!

I saw a slew of gigs that promised the world for just $5. I figured that since I needed to make extra money quick, I'd throw up some gigs and see what happened. I looked at the most successful gigs on fiverr and then I tried to one-up them by doing more.

Insanity ensued.

I got orders within a few days, and it started getting out of hand because I couldn't write a 400 word article fast enough to make earning $4 worth it. Even if I could, answering peoples questions, dealing with buyers, and finishing orders added quite a bit of time, making it harder to earn even minimum wage.

My other gigs dealt with backlink building. Even with backlink building tools, I struggled to get to the backlink numbers I listed in the gig, which the top sellers seemed to be easily matching.

I also did a copywriting gig. My first buyer sent me a 20 page info packet about their calcium supplement. I ended up spending over an hour on the order, thinking of the perfect sales copy for this person to use for their nutritional supplement. I was hugely impressed with what I came up with. I sent it away thinking I was definitely going to get a raving review.

The buyer HATED IT.

*Gasp*... my... soul... crushed....

It was then I canceled everything and decided fiverr wasn't for me. Once the orders started, I think I lasted a week.

Fast forward to today, and fiverr lets sellers sell gigs for greater than $5. The NicheAmbition duo decided to try it out, but this time offer something unique, and not for $5. We created high quality gigs that were completely unique and that we would buy ourselves (if we had money, lol).

I noticed that this time around, views were much slower to get. When I first tried fiverr 4 years ago, views and orders came within a week. This time it took considerably longer before views started, and after a month we still had no sales.

So instead of investing any more time into it, we paused the gigs.

I applaud anyone who has the ability to make fiverr work for them. It is a highly competitive website full of desperate sellers that can work much faster and longer than I can.

If you have also failed with fiverr or have succeeded on it, please feel free to share your story in the comments below.

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