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It's Worse Than You Think

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I'm in this for the long haul. Have been for 10 years now. And, at no step of the way... has it ever been easy!

It's not meant to be negative. It's meant to be real, and after all these years trying to strike it rich online; I honestly don't know what else to do.

There's the saying:

Only put gasoline on fire.

It's meant to emphasize the importance of working on things that are hot and working right now. To the niche site owner it means working on the niche site that is on fire and making money. To me, it means working on my primary earner.

Though, in the internet landscape -it doesn't always work. The fire can be hot one day and in the next its not.

Or a more appropriate description: The air can get sucked out of the room.

Try using gas on a fire in a room without air...

There's no security online running niche sites, and it needs to be emphasized, because if you don't realize it then you will end up like me.

I have so little, and the only secret I have is lame.

The secret is to run sites longer than the penalties that are created for them can last. It's the most STUPID fucking advice anyone can give anyone -but it's the ONLY REAL ADVICE ONLINE.

You literally build a site and then try to outgrow the rules that were put in place so that you can become the exception. You fucking dabble with fire and water and burn and extinguish your shit till it's this twisted fucking melted heap of BULLSHIT.

It's not the site that is bullshit, it's the shit you did to market it, just so you could stay afloat.

Here's the reality:

The internet doesn't exist to reward creativity. It exists to reward CPM's and CPC's. So fuck you and your creativity.

Fuck you and your creativity.

Any mission you have online, or purpose you are trying to fulfill, better account for these things... or it will be dogshit.

Worthless dogshit.

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