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Link Authority Review - High Authority Links Or High Waste Of Time?

Let's Take An Honestlyerest Look At This Backlinks Service

Link Authority

It's Not 10,000 BC Anymore.... Your Website Needs Quality Backlinks

Quality over quantity is the name of the game when it comes to SEO (why do I suddenly taste vomit?). The days of mass article submission using spun articles and services like Unique Article Wizard are long gone. Oh, how I miss those days... sigh....

I'll be honest with you... strange I know... but if you are looking for premium links, Link Authority isn't where to get them. So be gone with you! Go write a quality guest post about "10 Simple Ways To Bla Bla Bla," and get it published on a relevant website that gets traffic. However, if you are the kind of homo sapien that does weird things like write articles that will probably never be read and posts them on websites that are probably never visited, just so you can get a link with decent Page Authority, then keep reading. Don't be ashamed, I'm a weirdo sometimes too. Derp.

The Poor Man's Not-So-Private Blog Network

Lots of SEO guru's (I taste vomit again) suggest creating a private blog network using aged domains with lots of great links, hosted across lots of different IPs. The problem is, setting up your own personal PBN can be $$$ EXPEN$IVE $$$ to get started and maintain. Link Authority is a cheaper alternative to building your own private blog network.

How It Done Werkz

When you sign up, you can either choose the free-ish option or the paid option. I'll tell you about those later on. First, let me tell you how Link Authority works, because I know you're on the edge of your seat, pinky toes sweaty from anticipation.

Basically, it's a publishing platform that gives you the ability to post your articles on lots of blogs. And the blogs are hosted by other Link Authority members, so they exist across a bunch of different IPs. This is good, because it makes the network harder to detect. They don't say how many sites in total are on the network, but that's fine with me, because the less they share with the search engine overlords, the better.

They accept 200+ word articles, and you can have 1 link in a 200 word article, and 2 links in a 300+ word article. They do not accept spun articles, the content has to be unique. When you submit an article, it will be reviewed for approval, and if it passes that point it will be published on a blog and you'll get a PA 10+ and DA 10+ backlink. All of the blogs in the network are PA 10+ and DA 10+.

Using It The "Kind Of Free But Not Really" Way

They have an option where if you add your blogs to their network, then you can earn a daily publishing quota. The more blogs you add, the more articles you can submit daily. They will only accept a wordpress site with 10+ DA and 10+ PA. They have their own rating system for determining what daily quota you'll earn for a site. They call it "Authority Index." The higher the Authority Index, the greater the daily quota you'll earn.

This is a great way to get a free daily quota, but you'll still have to buy domains and hosting. It's still the much cheaper option. Expect a future post covering how to earn quota on Link Authority coming up, because this is what I do.

Using It The "Entitled, Privileged Rich Brat" Way

If money ain't-a-thang for you, or you don't want to fiddle with setting up another website just for use in LA, then you can take yo snobby rich tukkis, skip the line, and proceed to the front by purchasing a monthly quota. Right now it's around $42 for a quota of 60 per month.

You'll still need to write the content, though. Wait, silly me, your'e rich! You let your gobs of money do the heavy lifting! LA has you covered, for $90 you can buy 30 articles 200-250 words with 1 link in them. Not the cheapest way to go about it, but that's the price of convenience.

My Results After 80 Posts

After racking up 80 posts on LA, I have a few things to share. First, it isn't hard to get an article accepted as long as it follows their simple guidelines and is readable. I have had around 5 articles denied because of typos or grammatical errors I made from being too hasty. After some swearing and a month-long fit of rage, I quickly fixed the mistakes and re-submitted. All were accepted. Yay.

The highest PA and DA an article of mine was published on was 35. Most of the backlinks were in the 10-20 PA and DA range. LA does not tell you where your article was published, they only tell you the PA and DA numbers. If you want to know, you can copy a section of your article, put it in quotes, and do a search on a search engine to find out where your article was published. Difficult, I know.

Since the network contains websites operated by a number of people, it's not uncommon to see dropped links from the website being mercilessly unplugged, or to see the PA and DA go under 10. Once they go under a DA or PA of 10, they aren't included in the network anymore, and won't be posted on until their DA and PA increases.

Looking at a posting project I did in 2015, I see that 32% of the links are still active, and 68% of the links were dropped. Half of the active links had a PA or a DA under 10.

For a project I did in 2017, only 1 out of 16 dropped, and none of the PA values were under 20, and only 1 DA was under 10.

As Sort-of Close To Not Really Push-Button Rankings As You'll Ever Almost Get

After posting 80 times on LA, I was pleased with the results. Far from extraordinary, but it did help me get more search engine traffic and move up for many keywords. I think it works best for low-competition keywords. It wouldn't be my top pick for tier 1 backlinks to a website I care about. The quality of the websites in the network aren't high enough. I think LA is better suited for tier 2 backlinks. I like to use LA for parasite SEO, where I try to rank content published on big websites such as youtube (have you heard of it?) or medium.


I have an LA case study currently in the works, so stay tuned for an update.

What I Like

  • It's simple to use
  • Doesn't allow spun articles
  • The articles have to be approved
  • The network isn't under one roof - You get backlinks from blogs owned by different people and hosted on different class-c IPs
  • Accepts 200 word articles
  • Can earn free quota if you add your own website(s) to their network
  • There's a premium option where you can republish your articles and change the link or anchor text

What I Don't Like

  • The websites in the network aren't focused on a specific niche. so your post about weight loss may be next to a post about New York plumbers
  • Most of the content on the websites is poor quality
  • A lot of links drop after 2 years
  • Only has wordpress sites in their network

The Verdict <- <- <- <- <- <- ADHD People Skip Here

I think LA is worth a try if you need tier 2 or parasite SEO backlinks. I don't think it's a good source of tier 1 backlinks, because the quality and strength isn't high enough. You can check out Link Authority here.

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