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Long or Short Content For Affiliate Sites?

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I've always been a fan of short posts, and it wasn't until I started reading expert blogs that I decided to give long form a shot.

Funny thing is, I used to think 1000 words was long, which is really just a medium post to the long form pro...

but that doesn't matter now, because I'm stopping it as a strategy. Long form has never been my style, and because I am the driving force behind my niche sites, it isn't theirs either.

There's no doubt that long form earns gold medal for metrics like Time on Page, but isn't that really just an fancy indicator of how much time you wasted for the reader?

Here are some reasons for going short:

  • Shorter content loads faster
  • Shorter content is easier to digest
  • Shorter content is more actionable

Ultimately, I want to focus on shorter content because it is 1000% more actionable than a 15k word ultimate guide. Yes, ultimate guides can be incredibly helpful and earn a truckload of shares, but they are also expensive and time consuming to produce, with one ultimate guide taking as long as a month to polish off.

A month to finish you say? 

Embarrassingly so, it did take 1 month for me to finish a 15k word ultimate guide. And I wasn't getting any quicker the more long form posts I published. In fact I lamented working on them, which only made me take longer.

See why I'm giving it up?

It's far more enjoyable and rewarding to create highly actionable posts that a reader can use to save time and spend less time staring at electronic screens.
At the end of the day you've got to make content you believe in, and I think that matters more than following the herd -even if it means you'll miss out on rankings.
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