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My Experience Paying $500 For A 90 Minute Instagram Coaching Call

Warning: It wasn't what I expected...

A group I'm working with thought it would be a good idea to pay $500 for some "Instagram guru" to teach me how to use it.

My first thought was, "Thank God it's not my money!"

My second thought was, "But my butt isn't big enough for Instagram?"

Instagram is SO HOT RIGHT NOW, so naturally they wanted to follow the crowd and use it to promote their new venture, even though their venture doesn't involve posting pictures of boob cleavage.

So here I was, scheduling a $500 call with an "Instagram Specialist" who's claim to fame was their own popular 100k follower Instagram account. I think I'll call them "Insta-guru" from here on.

I was annoyed.

I thought, what the hell can this Insta-guru tell me that I can't get from a book? What a huge waste of money this is...

And then I was even more annoyed after this jet-setting turd canceled on me the first time because their flight was delayed. Their apology was, "Apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused." Which didn't sound like an apology to me, it sounded like something I'd write on a checklist for how to convince a client I'm not stealing their money.

And then I was even more even more annoyed when Insta-guru rescheduled me at the wrong time and I woke up discovering that I missed the appointment. No apology from them either. Somehow it was my fault for missing the appointment....

And then I was even more even more even more annoyed that I had to reschedule again and wait another day.

Was Insta-guru trying to rip me off?

This seemed vaguely familiar to that one time I ordered articles from warrior forum and the "writer" kept telling me the articles would be done within a few days.... Yeah, those articles never came, and it was then I learned about Paypal's 45 day limit to file a dispute. *Poof* - money gone.

So I was in a bad mood up until the time the call actually started, because frankly, I thought Insta-guru wasn't going to show.

By the way, acuity and zoom are a pretty slick combo. Insta-guru was using Acuity to schedule the appointments online, and then used Zoom to handle the call. Both were really easy to use. Zoom was much simpler to use than using Skype.

Anyway, back to the call.

It was then that Insta-guru said that I should be using Facebook for this project instead of Instagram.


Insta-guru explained that Instagram was more for light communications, while facebook could be used better for deeper communications with an audience. It made sense to me, so we spent the rest of the call focused on using facebook. Insta-guru also happened to have a popular facebook page and group, so they knew what they were talking about.

About 2 hours in, my brain was absolutely mush from all that was discussed. I'm an introvert, so these kind of intense face-to-face interactions are completely draining to me.

The call was all about how to find the right audience on facebook, how to interact with them, and how to grow your group and your page.

Insta-guru even made some suggestions for building a stronger, clearer brand, because having a focused brand on facebook helps to build a focused audience. Having a more focused audience involved in your group and page will increase engagement, which will increase the reach of your facebook posts.

Lots of people complain that their posts only go to a small percentage of their page/group members. And the reason for that can be due to their page/group members not being focused enough to match the brand. There's too big of a disconnect between what the brand is posting to what the members are wanting.

So keep your brand's message clear and your audience targeted.

My favorite saying of the call was to only put gasoline on a fire, which would be really dangerous if taken out of context.

I understood it as, if you notice a post you've made is getting more attention than usual, put more effort into it. You could share it to other groups, contribute to the discussion more, or maybe even boost it.

Torch that sucker!

Before the call, I had an Instagram page that I put some work in, and so I asked if they would peek at it. Instead of praising my work (asshole!), Insta-guru said I needed more substance to my posts. I needed to write more to the description, so that if someone clicks on it, they can see an elaboration of the image that represents what the brand is all about. They said it was not true that long-form content can't do well on Instagram, and that when done correctly, it can really help grow a targeted audience that aligns itself with your brand's message.


The call ended up being 2.5 hours long, and Insta-guru is sending me the recorded call and a report to help me put what I learned into action.

From Anti-Coaching To Sign Me Up!

I went into this call with my chin in the air, thinking that this would be a complete waste of time and money.

It wasn't.

Would I do it again? Yep. One-on-one coaching was a good way to get feedback, have questions answered, and understand the whole process. It was good information, and best of all, it was catered to my specific project. A book or course can only go so far. It's like personal training vs going to the gym by yourself. It's much easier to complete a workout, do the exercises right, and reach your goals when you have someone there coaching you through it. It's not impossible to get fit on your own, and it has the benefit of being cheaper, but it may take you longer than it would if you had a personal trainer.

Which makes me think I should get a personal trainer....

Will I do it again soon? Hell no: It's out of my budget!

*Update* - It's been close to 2 weeks now and Insta-guru hasn't sent any content strategy and action plan that they said they would send. I guess you get what you pay for? Maybe this is my fault for skimping on coaching... does anyone know of a more expensive social media guru out there that I could consult with?

*2nd Update* - It's been a month now since the call, and over two weeks since I emailed him asking for the rest of what he said he would send, but he has not replied. Guess he's too busy making the big bucks to be bothered.

From Anti-Coaching To Pro-Coaching Back To Screw Gurus And Coaching

What a load of zebra shit. You would think he would finish the job for $500. The information on the call was good, but not worth $500 unless you have money coming out of your ass.

You can spend $20 or less on an Udemy course that delivers just as much value. Granted, it won't be targeted to match what you are doing, and there will be no 1 on 1 coaching, but what the hell, I just spent $500 on a training call that ended up providing half of what it said it would.

The best thing I learned from this experience, is that this guru that makes a shit ton more money than I do, he has no secrets. No magic formula, no marketing genius, just simple strategies that could be summed up in a few sentences. The difference between him and I is that he has bigger balls, is willing to act the part, and takes more action. Oh, another difference is that I would finish the fucking job.

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