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My WP Multi-Net Niche Site Journey

Day 1 of 1095

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In 2010 we had multisite. 2018? We now have multi-multisites, or what is officially dubbed WP Multi-Network.

WP Multisite vs Multi-Network

What a multi-network does, is take multisites a step further, by giving you the power to create and manage all your multisites in one single wordpress install.


Rather than having one messy bin full of all your gummy bears, you can neatly organize them to your hearts content.

This is exciting, because it enables a niche site marketer to save time and resources in creating and managing a portfolio of sites.

For me this means that rather than jamming all my sites into a single multisite, I can instead create networks for each type of niche site I build. This provides organization and ultimately makes management easier...

or at least, that's the idea!

Beginnings of a Multi-Net Journey

2018 is the beginning of what will be positive change in how I manage and grow my portfolio. To get there I'll be putting to work some other tools.

  • Process lists for repetitive tasks...
  • Project list for each multisite network...
  • Master spreadsheet for content strategies...

and follow through with using them!

The beginning of each week I will go through the master spreadsheet and add the articles I would work, which should help keep in on track, which is something I definitely need.

10 years is a long time to be doing this and NOT have everything organized.

But, how do you take action if you don't know how.

Fact is, it may have taken this long to get organized because I needed to learn exactly what I was organizing. This involved getting experience in creating and managing sites... and lots of it, because no one was going to give me that knowledge. I had to find it and allow it to seep into my core being -as cheesy as that may sound, that's how it had to be.

To determine how I organized my sites, I put them all into a master spreadsheet, listing the types of content I produce for them. This allowed me to see which sites shared similar content strategies. By seeing them in this way, I was able to see a clear line between my sites.

So far, the battle plan is looking great, and I look forward to sharing more of it in daily updates.

In a later update I'll lay out the time frame and goals for this project, but next let's talk about a simple tool I'll be using to more easily create content for niche sites.

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