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Niche Site Goals: Build an Empire in 1095 Days

Day 3 of 1095

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Starting in 2018, my niche site goal is to build out 3 multi-nets, with 100 sites in each. Along the way I want to diversify my income, with each site producing an average $15 a month. That's not much, but it is a goal I feel is achievable in 3 years.

I'm not going to give the exact number of sites I have already, but it's enough to count as a decent start. At this moment I'm working on migrating them into Multi-net, which from the looks of it will take probably a week to finish.

Migrating single wordpress sites into a Multi-net isn't as difficult as I thought. Having a positive mindset is certainly helping. I think the biggest problem I will have will be optimizing it so that the backend and sites themselves load as quick as they did before.

In the last couple years I've learned a lot about optimizing wordpress, so I'm confident comparable loading times within each multi-net setup will not be a problem.

Reaching $15/day Avg

How will I get the traffic needed to produce this result?

Well, we can't talk about traffic without talking about backlinks.... so, what about backlinks?

To which I reply, "what do you mean backlinks.... you mean like the ones I'll get by creating excellent content and sharing it on social media?"

Because that's all I will be focusing on, plain ol' organic content marketing, which is something I find way more interesting than building backlinks through long, overly drawn out games of email tag.

I'm not looking for backlinks here, no, I want content dominance.

By ignoring the rabbit hole of backlinking, I can focus on building a competitive advantage that is centered around creating actual real-world value. Not to mention, I'll save a titanic-ton of money, because linkbuilding can get stupidly expensive.

And hey, it totally grinds my gears (think Eugene Porter of TWD) knowing I can focus on something meaningful AND get a bigger paycheck for it at the end of this journey, for building a whitehat project that a larger group will want to own.

No one wants to buy a ship on the verge of breaching a hidden iceberg.

Because that's what short-sighted blackhat strategies earn you. A sunken ship.

Yeah, maybe it moves fast and catches more spoils in the beginning, but all those spoils come at a price, and that's an unstable, faster sinking ship not built to withstand the uncertain waters of which it races on.

Give me the slow moving ship that's built to break through ice like it's cake frosting.


But, even life on a well built ship has it's own challenges. One of them? Embracing the content grind.

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