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Rank Recon Review

It Could Still Be Useful If It Wasn't Dead

I was in need of a cheap keyword/SEO tool that would give me some basic information without costing me $100 a month like most of the tools out there do. It used to be that you could use ahrefs or majestic quite a bit for free, but now the trend seems to be doing away with the free use of those tools. I can't blame them, but I also can't afford them.

I remembered Rank Recon from 2013, I think it was then, when it first came out. Matt Callen had launched it, and he was also behind other services I've used such as Link Pipeline and My Article Network. I bought it and looked around and was impressed, but after finding out I could get much of the data from majestic or other tools I had at the time, I got a refund because I didn't need it.

Now in 2018, the other tools I used have died, so I thought I'd give Rank Recon another go. I was especially in need of the reverse rank checker function in it, where it gives you a list of 50 keywords that your website ranks for. This feature only cost $9.95/month, but I considered it well worth it because I couldn't get this data for free anymore from other sites. SEMRush severely limits the data you get for free, and their plans are too expensive, so even with the 50 keyword limit, it still seemed worth it.

I was apprehensive about buying a product that hasn't been promoted or talked about since it's heyday 5 years ago, but I figured that if it didn't work or was abandoned it wouldn't still be up for sale, so I went ahead and paid the $47 for Rank Recon and the $9.95/month for the reverse rank checker feature.

It's Dead, But It's Still For Sale

I assumed that Matt Callen wouldn't still have the salespage for Rank Recon up if the product no longer was supported or working.

I was wrong.

Rank Recon uses a chrome extension and Moz API to pull the data, but something is wrong somewhere because it only pulls 0's for mostly everything but Alexa rank and total indexed URLs. All of the good stuff that I need to see, like social and backlink stats are missing.

Surprisingly, the reverse rank checker feature works, so I was able to get some solid information on what my competitors were ranking for as well as what keywords I was ranking for.

The add-on feature works, but the meat and potatoes of the tool didn't. I liked the concept and how quick and easy it is to use. A lot of tools overwhelm you with data, which I think 90% of it is wasted on soloprenuers or small businesses that don't have a dedicated in-house SEO team. I really just needed to know the basics about my competitors backlinks, anchor text, and social stats. The icing on the cake for me was being able to see a some of the keywords I was ranking for, and what keywords my competitors were ranking for. However, the product is dead and isn't being supported anymore.

Support had no response for me when I asked if the product was being fixed or if support had ended for it, which I suppose answers the question.

An Alternative To Rank Recon

Luckily, and just in time, I found a cheap, very helpful alternative to semrush, ahrefs and majestic, and it is There was a sale for it on for a one time price of something around $34, but the deal is long gone now. I believe the cheapest plan for it is $19/month, which is much cheaper than the competition.

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