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Create a Tumblr That Markets Itself

And gets 100 visitors a day

Every now and then something is done, that works, and is great.

Today I'm going to share with you one of those things, so pay attention, because this doesn't happen often.

Tumblr is a favorite web2.0 among many marketers, because it's easy and fun to use. However, recent changes to how Tumblr handles outgoing links has scared away the ones simply looking for backlinks, and left many wondering if it's even worth using anymore.

This is 2017 though, and a lot of what used to matter back then doesn't matter now. What matters now is referall traffic, and this simple optimization trick I'm about to show you is one excellent way to get it.

And no, this trick doesn't involve registering an expired Tumblr with PA 40 or any of that outdated nonsense. This trick involves using the right mix of services together that when used correctly creates a passive stream of 100 or more visitors a day to your Tumblr, which then in turn, sends traffic to you.

Step one: join pinterest & pick your topic

You need to pick a topic that is popular on Pinterest, and related to the website or business you want to promote. To discover what is popular on pinterest, check out the trending section.

To get to the trending section you will need to log in to your pinterest account and hit the Explore button at the top.

Right now it's showing that Decorated Pumpkin Ideas as a hot topic. This would be a great topic for anyone running a home decoration blog. The only problem I see is that it is seasonal, so it likely won't get traffic year round.

Pick a topic that works for you and move on to the next step.

Step two: register your accounts

There are three accounts you will need to setup an optimized tumblr:

  • Tumblr
  • Specificfeeds
  • Listly
  • Twitter
  • Addthis

There are a couple others you can add to the mix as well, but these 3 are absolutely essential, and the best place to start.

Step three: setup


When you register your tumblr, be sure to give it a name that fits the topic you picked. This helps communicate what your tumblr is about, which can improve CTR when people view your pins and check the source links.

You should reblog a minimum of 15 times to increase the curb appeal of your tumblr. A good looking and active tumblr can get real organic follows. A dried up inactive one will not.

I like to get 15 up right away, and then queue 30 or more to keep the blog fresh. makes queuing up posts easy, and is my go-to tumblr tool of choice. It's incredibly cheap and can be used to manage hundreds of tumblrs.

Next you will want to create a page with the keyword of your topic. Using the Decorative Pumpkin Ideas example, I would create a page called Best Decorative Pumpkin Ideas, with the url /ideas.

Click the <html> icon and paste your listly code into the page. Now save the page.

Congratulations, you have now embedded your first list!


Create a blogger account on specificfeeds and add your tumblr as a feed. This service acts as an rss directory, with some added perks. The biggest reason is it can auto-promote every new post added to your tumblr.

To do this you will connect your twitter account to specificfeeds Social Syndication service. This allows every post you make to your tumblr to be promoted by your twitter account.

Another perk to using specificfeeds is the option to add a subscribe button to your tumblr that allows people to get email updates whenever you post something new. This isn't necessary but every little bit helps online so it's something I like to do.


This is the most important step. You need to create a massive list of over 50 items. Using the Decorative Pumpkin Ideas example I would grab the best decorative pumpkin ideas I could find online and add them to a giant list.

Just remember, the bigger the list the better the results.


Create a collection on google+ for your list. Each item in your list will be in this collection. Then post a link to the collection on your google plus profile.

Post a public update that links to your tumblrs specificfeeds profile as well.


Addthis is something you should add to your tumblr, as it can increase the amount of shares it gets. It does this by making it incredibly easy to share your content -even the content in your list.

To do this you will want to activate two features: the scrolling share bar and the image overlay. Then you would copy the embed code and embed it into your weblog.

The image overlay works great at increasing shares on your embedded list because it shows a sharebar on each image as a user mouses over it.

And for those viewing your list on mobile devices, the scrolling navbar will be right there on their phone for them to use to share your content

This is just one way to get extra shares on your list, outside the share feature that is already integrated in listly lists.


The last and final part is to create a board on pinterest for your topic, and then pin each of your lists items to it.

To pin each item in your list, select the share button under each list item and copy the link, then add it to your board. Simple as that!

You can add a description for each item if you want. I haven't decided whether this helps or not yet, even though it seems like it should.

Continuous Traffic

Once you have this all setup, you can expect some traffic to trickle in from pinterest

Or, in some cases, A LOT of traffic from pinterest

If you've done your homework right, this traffic should feed itself. Your list will earn repins, which in turn keep your content alive on pinterest, and traffic flowing.

Should it drop, you may opt to repeat the whole process again, or add even more items to your list, promoting each new item the same way you promoted the others.


You can absolutely get more out of this strategy by adding more pages and lists to your tumblr. Each list you create will be added to its own page and then promoted with its own pinterest board.

Repeat the process as many times as you want.

The fun part about this strategy, is that these embedded lists can absolutely get organic search traffic.

This goes against everything big marketers say. Yet, I've seen it myself... these boogers get search traffic.

Get to it

This strategy is focused around generating referral traffic from pinterest to a tumblr blog, which can be an effective marketing strategy when done right. Picking the right topic is half the battle -the rest of the fight is in creating a big and valuable enough list that gets people sharing, and effectively marketing your tumblr for you.

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