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With Niche Sites, All The Work's Been Done

Day 5 of 1095

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Over the years I've done a lot of small tweaks to improve the quality and earnings of my niche sites.

Most of the tweaks have been insignificant, with a tiny margin being barely significant. This means that most of the time the things I test don't produce anything.

And it's because the hard work has already been done.

In 2018 I have tested:

  • Increasing text size to increase time on page
  • Increasing menu link size to decrease bounce rate
  • Making the logo smaller so it took less space and content could be moved higher up
  • Increasing the amount of inner-page links to increase pageviews

But the tweaks that made the biggest changes?

Fixing broken images and links; the sites logo, in-post graphics, and making sure links work in posts. Really basic stuff that can be done with little effort.

It was basic stuff like getting a sites logo to display again that got sales coming in again.

Hardly work comparable to designing and building a theme.

Most popular wordpress themes are popular because they are functional and look great, and because so will already have great usability metrics.

The hard part has been done. All you have to do is put great content in the visitors face when they land on your site, and keep everything working.

And that's it.

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