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Your Affiliate Sites Are Being Used Against You

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In yesterdays post I listed some of the ways affiliate sites suck, and in this post we are going to continue that theme in hopes to open your eyes to an even bigger problem -and it's about how you are losing out on affiliate commissions even more-so in 2018 (and onward, because it's never going to stop).

Things were great when you could build an affiliate site and rank for free traffic, but those days are on their last breaths. The bad news I have to share with you today is that the latest search updates are indicating googles intentions, and for us affiliates it isn't good.

If you've read my past update, you'll know I had been decoding the aftermath of googles March search updates, and you'll know that I found some unusual things involving CTR, impressions, and my sites ranking positions. They were confusing, and I didn't know what they meant. Now I do.

After looking deeper into the results, and seeing what's being shown on page 1 for numerous keywords in and outside of my niches, I observed a couple of alarming things:

  • E-commerce results dominate even further
  • Video results are more prevalent
  • Featured snippets are more prevalent

It shouldn't be surprising that google's own youtube and shopping are showing up more. But what was most disturbing was that borrowed content, aka featured snippets, is being used to help the searcher come to a faster buying conclusion -right on page 1.

That borrowed content in many cases came from affiliate sites, who had optimized their pages for buyers, so that they could come to a conclusion, and also were general info articles, that gave the searcher a quick in-search overview of the topic.

It doesn't stop here. There's something far worse happening on mobile.

AMP is perhaps a very clever ploy to cut googles crawling costs, and help them find the information they need to deliver the searcher to help them come to a buying conclusion, but in a way that benefits google.

Forgive me if this isn't clear, but I encourage you to use your android device to search, and observe this for yourself. It's eye opening, and I personally think it's going to make being an affiliate even harder.
I know for one I am seeing lower conversion rates, with the only change being google, and not my sites. It's because google is replacing affiliates as a middleman, and targeting buyers through behavioral targeting.

Our AMP content is being used to help pre-sell the buyer on their mobile devices, where buyers are less likely to purchase, and then they are saving shopping listings to send to their desktop where they complete the purchase when at home. The shopping listings are googles own shopping results.

Did you ever wonder why mobile is being so aggressively pushed? It's because mobile search is apart of the buying journey. Google effectively turned our content against us, by hijacking the buying journey with their mobile 1st plan, using our AMP content to pre-sell and their shopping listings to complete the sale.

TLDR; Kiss your affiliate commissions bye!
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